Career Guidance Assessments

Career Guidance Assessments

Comprehensive career assessments are provided for adolescents, which are tailored to suit the unique needs of the individual and the referring reason.

The process is supported by background information, the development of self- knowledge, integration of information and decision-making. Recommendations are based on the assessment of interests, aptitudes, personality traits and vocational maturity.

The following assessment instruments are normally used:

  • • The Differential Aptitude Test Advanced (DAT-L) Subtests
  • • Projective Techniques: Person-Picking-Apples, Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  • • Jung Personality Type Indicator (JTI)
  • • Occupational Interest Profile (OIP)
  • • Career Development Questionnaire (CDQ)
  • • Informal Value Scale (qualitative)

The DAT measures potential success in a particular field of study or career direction, and consists of a series of multiple-choice questions linked to different fields. Usually the following 3 fields will be used; namely Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, and Calculations

The JTI is an assessment tool used for indicating the personality type of an individual. It gives an indication of individual preferences, attitudes, and decision making processes, which are measured on four bi-polar dimensions. This provides information about how an individual best perceives and processes information and how that individual prefers to interact socially and behaviourally with others.

The OIP measures interest. When looking at interest, it must be taken into account that an individual’s interests can change, and that these changes affect the choices we make. Interests are not necessarily linked to one’s ability but often play a key role that affects career choice and the satisfaction one derives from that career.

Decision Making: The Career Development Questionnaire (CDQ) evaluates readiness and maturity regarding career-based decision-making. The CDQ examines five dimensions of career development, namely Self-information, Decision making, Career information, Integration of information on the self with career information, and Career planning.

Values can be defined as the dimension of choosing a career that will generate a feeling of contentment. It is thus important to know what one needs to achieve personally in a career, what is expected from that career in terms of personal fulfilment (i.e. lifestyle), and what one has a need to contribute to (social awareness).

Assessment Process: Costs include and intake interview, a comprehensive individual assessment, individual feedback and detailed report (including detailed reports on the JTI and OIP), and including a follow-up session.

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